Ladies - this is where we give you the information about what we would like you to do for us, but
we do not put details of the pay on here - be assured it is much more per hour than working on
the till at your local supermarket! Your pay will be discussed by email / telephone once you
are comfortable with our requirements, and we have seen some recent pictures of you.

Your work may take place close to you, or we may ask you to travel - if we do that, your
travel, accommodation plus food and drinks will also be paid for.

The actual sessions will involve a mix of photographs and video footage. The images will be
of the type published in mens magazines. We are interested in girls who will pose alone
with a Vibrator, giving a guy a handjob, giving a guy a blowjob, having full sex with
another girl or having full sex with a guy. Girls available for all of these options
will go to the top of our shoot list! (If you don't have a suitable girl or guy to
work with - don't worry, we can supply your partner(s).

Once you have indicated that you are interested in the work, these are the steps
to a full shoot:

1). Chat with the lady on the telephone - just to confirm that you are happy with the shoot
(and to put off all those guys pretending to be female!).

2). Meet in my Motorhome (I will travel to you) to confirm that you are comfortable with the
content we will be producing together. You may bring a friend / partner.

3). Paid test shoot in the Motorhome - you will be photographed and videod with a Vibrator
and performing a blowjob. This is to confirm that you are comfortable working with

Steps 2 and 3 above can be completed on the same day if you wish.

If you would like to follow up your interest, please complete the Questionnaire on this
link, and we will get back to you with an offer: