Guys - we receive emails almost everyday from you, but you will find it very difficult to
enter the adult business, unless you can prove to us how good you are on camera!
Before you ask - no, we do not supply ladies for test shoots!

All we can suggest is to find yourself a suitable lady, and then come along as a couple!

If that doesn't put you off - we do have a way for you to break into the adult industry.
Your first shoot with us will involve you being photographed / videod as you are
"milked" by one or more of our girls. You get the chance to "cum" twice - once
handcuffed to a bed, the second time standing up. These are full body shoots
so your face will be seen - we do NOT shoot with masks / concealed faces.

Your second shoot with us would be a blowjob scene with one or two girls - all shot
in close-up on face(s) and willy.

If you "pass" the above 2 auditions, we can then discuss with you the possibility of
a full shagging shoot.